Mycroft on Nvidia Jetson Nano



I was wondering if Mycroft can run on Nvidia Jetson nano deployed with CUDA. With 128 cuda cores and 4GB running a Linux4Tegra OS in such hardware has the potential of making Mycroft run pretty fast.

What I don’t know is if there is any easy way to make Mycroft software use of the hundred cuda cores.

Has the Mycroft team reviewed this option when choosing the SBC for the Mark II and III? And if so, why it has chosen other way? just curious.



Hi Daniel,

There’s been plenty of talk about it but I haven’t seen anyone give it a go unfortunately. I’m particularly interested to hear how well they handle running a DeepSpeech STT service.

It would require some work to make use of all the available system resources.

For the Mark II this board would unfortunately be too expensive as there are a range of other costs to consider, particularly a Mic Array for which we’re using the Seeed Mic Array v2. The Mark III however…