Mycroft on Raspberry Pi Zero: Picroft Not supported why?


I would like to know why is Picroft Not supported on Raspberry Pi Zero ? can any one help me ?


My guess is the smaller memmory that makes it difficult to run mycroft.
The Pi Zeros only has 512 Mb ram while the “normal” Pi’s hs 1024 Bm ram.


Thanks for your help


512M of memory is actually enough to run MyCroft. It has to do with CPU load.

On a Pi2 the cpu load is always above 0.6 when waiting for a command. This means that more than 60% of the time there is work for 1 core (on a Cortex A7). The poor old single armv6zk core on a Pi Zero just won’t do an adequate job of keeping up.

Note that the Pi3 model A+ can easily handle the load, and MyCroft will fit in it’s 512M ram.


thank you for your great answer :smiley: