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Mycroft on Respeaker Core V2

On my way to my own Mark-IIr

3D printing of housing is finished. Now some glueing and soldering while start-stop-watching the assembly video

A big thank you to @derick-mycroft for providing the STL files!


Very cool !

Which screen did you choose?

This a Mark-IIR which does not have a built-in screen.

When everything works out fine i am planning to add a Waveshare 4.3" LCD (the same that is used for the Mark-II-RPI)

Ah, right! Didn’t do my homework :smiley:

Hope to get my hand on one of those boards myself sooner then later. Read good things about it. Looking forward to you build log :wink:

First of all, thank you for the hard work Dominik :slight_smile: ,

I have the problem that the respeaker core v2 doesn’t record, the mic and bluetooth speakers working fine, the mic Level goes up and seems to be fine and I checked alsamixer too.

I have to mention after the first Installation it worked fine, but on the next morning when I started the respeaker it didn’t work anymore properly and I didn’t change anything.

When I start the debug Mode, it doesn’t show any error I don’t know what to do or where to look :).

Can please someone help me i’m a beginner, thanks :).

Hi Dominik,

Also want to thank you for your great work.
I’ve had a respeaker core V2.0 for over a year and wanted to use it on a robotics command and control project I’ve been working on for a while.
Mycroft has come a long way and seems like a great active project, which is why I thought it would be great to try installing it on the respeaker core V2.0.

I worked through your installation instructions, and it seemed to be working, but then it stopped once it was authenticated to the main server.
I now start it and get nothing, not even errors.

When I run the pulse audio test, it seems to record a file, but can not play.

It seems like the problem is with pulse audio, but I’m not sure where to start.

Thanks in advance!!!


Hi again,

I just reinstalled the respeaker package and that fixed things.
Not sure what happened, but I’m all good now.

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Good to hear a fresh install got it working.

Interested to see the broader project you’re working on sometime too :slight_smile:

A quick look at the robot. Charlie.
Hopefully voice commands will control most of the behavior.


Damn that looks like a beast! Looking forward to seeing it evolve :smiley:

Hi guys.

I’m having totally a lot of fun with the mycroft project now. Its awesome and runs well on my respeaker core V2.0.

I am having a little issue here, though…

I want to install a custom wake-word for the robot, and fudging around with precise looked a little daunting, so I am trying snowboy.
starting with the default snowboy.umdl file, and just altering the config. here is what I did…

“listener”: {
“wake_word”: “snowboy”

“hotwords”: {
“snowboy”: {
“module”: “snowboy”,
“local_model_file”: “home/respeaker/.mycroft/snowboy.umdl”,
“sensitivity”: 0.1

It seems to be using snowboy now, but the problem is that it is triggered all the time.
Any little sound triggers the wake up, even when I reduce the sensitivity down to 0.1.

If anyone have played around with snowboy, this would be a great help, thanks in advance

OK, so I abandoned my quest to make snowboy work, and decided to use the CMUsphinx instead.

It mostly works, but it really was a necessity to get my robot to respond to its own name!

Here are the results:

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Wow, very cool!
I plan on building a Spotmicro, most likely in the OpenQuadruped design. Like Charlie robot with Mycroft integration of course.