Mycroft - OpenHab2 Skill


First a big thank for this impressive and comprehensive guide. Will help me a lot.
Sadly it was all my fault. In the end restarting openhab did the trick for me.


Hi. I do have a boatload of rest/items, skill installed, mycroft.conf modified. A wonderfully large working openhab install but once I try to boot the mark1 it never gets beyond the yellow lights. Any help would be great!



Hi there @oakguy, saw your post in another category. If your Mark 1 is stuck at Yellow Eyes there are a couple things we can try. This is not necessarily related to the OpenHAB2 Skill.

  • First, we stop and start the Skills service by doing;

sudo service mycroft-skills stop && sudo service mycroft-skills start

  • The other thing to try is an update of the device

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install

  • Next, if these don’t work, try a couple of “hard reboots” - pull the power out, leave 10 seconds then power back in.

Please let me know how you go.


Just to add some links that may help…

@oakguy, as you mention installing lots of skills, and editing mycroft.conf, you’re probably no stranger to the command line and using it to update.

For reference, there is a list of diagnostic eye colours here:

It is worth mentioning that the most recent update (18.2.0) is different, and for my Mark One at least, took MANY reboots for both packages, display firmware, and skills.

After running several previous updates, the extra steps came as a surprise - including a period with yellow eyes. The new eye colours with scrolling progress messages on the face LED matrix are actually pretty good, so to help set your expectations, here’s the official Mycroft upgrade instruction video:

From memory, custom config moved from /home/mycroft/.mycroft/mycroft.conf to /etc/mycroft/mycroft.conf

Worst case, unscrew the case, and re-image the uSD card:

Fresh installs generate a new device ID so you’ll need to re-register on .

Good luck…


Thank you! Downloaded the current image, paired and on my way again with Openhab!



Thank you very much for that very comprehensive documentation. It helped me a lot to get openhab skill working on mycroft.


@mortommy I’ve got the skill installed on mycroft and it recognizes two .items (thermostat target and current temp) but won’t adjust or read temp from it - here’s .items and dump from skill log - any ideas? It does list the items in response to ‘list openhab items’

Openhab panel and paper UI do successfully control the thermostat.


Group Thermostat “Main Thermostat” [“Thermostat”]
Number ThermostatSetPoint “Thermostat Target [%.1f F]” (Thermostat) [“TargetTemperature”] {channel=“nest:thermostat:XXX:set_point”}
Number MainThermostatCurrentTemp “Indoor Temperature [%.1f F]” (Thermostat) [“CurrentTemperature”] {channel="nest:thermostat:XXX:temperature}

and dump from skills.log:

20:57:12.008 - SKILLS - DEBUG - {“data”: {“session”: “xxx”, “utterance”: “hey jarvis”}, “context”: null, “type”: “recognizer_loop:wakeword”}
20:57:15.037 - SKILLS - DEBUG - {“data”: {“session”: “xxx”, “utterances”: [“adjust main thermostat to 80 degrees”], “lang”: “en-US”}, “context”: {“client_name”: “mycroft_listener”, “ident”: “xxx”}, “type”: “recognizer_loop:utterance”}
20:57:15.047 - SKILLS - DEBUG - {“data”: {“skill_id”: “openhab-mycroft.openhab”, “utterances”: [“adjust main thermostat to 80 degrees”], “lang”: “en-US”}, “type”: “skill.converse.request”, “context”: null}
20:57:15.060 - SKILLS - DEBUG - {“data”: {“skill_id”: “openhab-mycroft.openhab”, “result”: false}, “type”: “skill.converse.response”, “context”: {}}
20:57:15.216 - SKILLS - DEBUG - {“data”: {“openhab_mycroft_openhabThermostatStatusKeyword”: “regulate”, “confidence”: 0.3333333333333333, “target”: null, “openhab_mycroft_openhabItem”: “main thermostat”, “tags”: [{“from_context”: false, “end_token”: 0, “key”: “adjust”, “entities”: [{“data”: [[“regulate”, “openhab_mycroft_openhabThermostatStatusKeyword”]], “confidence”: 1.0, “match”: “adjust”, “key”: “adjust”}], “start_token”: 0, “match”: “adjust”}, {“from_context”: false, “end_token”: 2, “key”: “main thermostat”, “entities”: [{“data”: [[“main thermostat”, “openhab_mycroft_openhabItem”]], “confidence”: 0.5, “match”: “main thermostat”, “key”: “main thermostat”}], “start_token”: 1, “match”: “main thermostat”}, {“from_context”: false, “confidence”: 0.5, “end_token”: 4, “key”: “80”, “entities”: [{“data”: [[“80”, “openhab_mycroft_openhabTempValue”]], “confidence”: 0.5, “match”: “80”, “key”: “80”}], “start_token”: 4, “match”: “80”}], “utterance”: “adjust main thermostat to 80 degrees”, “openhab_mycroft_openhabTempValue”: “80”, “intent_type”: “openhab-mycroft.openhab:SetTemp_StatusIntent”}, “type”: “openhab-mycroft.openhab:SetTemp_StatusIntent”, “context”: {“target”: null, “ident”: “xxx”, “client_name”: “mycroft_listener”}}
20:57:15.221 - openhab-mycroft_openhab - ERROR - Item not found!


are you looking for the item by name or by label? Since name in items definition can be not human language oriented, items are searched by label.