Mycroft uninstall

Would a mycroft uninstall script be difficult?
I was having some issues with an install, and wanted to uninstall everything done, but wasn’t sure what all needed to be removed.

This obviusly just for the dev_setup not installs handled by packmanagers

Had to delete the following dirs:

You may have to delete:

``This seemed to work and the new install acted like a fresh one.
is there anything missing in this (beside removing unused packages that were installed)?
Is there better way to refresh the git repo rather than delete and git cloning again?

There’s sometimes /etc/mycroft, and /opt/mycroft.

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is that just on the “system” installs of mycroft?

Might be worth a quick check if you’re scripting to be sure either way.

Maybe you can to include /var/log/mycroft as well in order to delete the logfiles


There’s also the /var/tmp/mycroft_web_cache.json

Maybe a ./ --clean option doing this would be a good idea?

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Created a PR for this flag on the mycroft-core repo.