Mycroft with Google AIY Voice kit disk image


Perfect, thank you! :smiley:


Here is a short video I put up on our YouTube channel.



Hey @tjoen this is great! I apologize if you already posted but I’m having trouble finding the github link for Picroft/AIY. I’d like to experiment with some of the new skills you added with the release.

Thanks for making this!


Hi @kaiservonarctic,

I wanted to make a repo for the aiy version, but support for the AIY will probably be incorporated in the picroft version soon, and I actually did not have time to set it up properly.

The skills however are all online:

sarcasm fallback skill -
dutch radio skill -
better joke skill - can now be installed through mycroft-skills
numbers skill -

The sonos chromecast streaming is not really a skill, but a python script. Still needs a wrapper to be started from mycroft.

Sonsos and Chromecast streaming -

The image backup script is not yet online, if your interested in that one, let me know, I will create a repo.

Currently making progress on a speechclient that adds a virtual character with mouthshapes, and working on a trivia skill, that does not work properly yet. I just had contact with a german dev, who lets us use his soccer api, so a soccer skill will probably be added in the near future.

I still have to add the skills to the official mycroft skills repo.

Kind regards,


Thank you for all your hard work. Thanks to you, in a few days when I get my Google AIY kit, I’ll have my first Mycroft device to assemble! I’ve been watching Mycroft for over a year, but now is a good time to get started. I plan to install Mycroft on my Linux Mint desktop, and Android devices.