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MycroftKitt, A very smart computer for your car

Does anyone here have experience with the new Dashbot from Next Thing, Co?

I think anything has to be designed and built with 5G/LTE in mind, Concentrate on getting it into the car and the rest will come, once its in there connection will not be an issue in 2 - 3 years, and anything that has been on the drawing board that long for Mycroft will be able to be deployed.

CES 2017:-Qualcomm CEO Steve Mollenkop: 5G Brings the Invention Revolution. start a 7 mins.

I envisage mycroft as a hub, and you will have a 5G connection to home to your hardware, if that is still necessary. I mean there’s an android core so no it won’t be soon.

It can be a pi with a wireless or blutooth connection to your ph, and whatever services that is capable of that makes it useful.

You will ask Mycroft for directions and they will appear on your navigator screen or HUD, and you will ask it to make a phone call or schedule a task for your home or public or private calender. Monitor your vehicle, does not have to be a car.

Sorry another long post. ATM I just want lots more skills. oh and a handheld version.

It’s been almost a year since last comment. ‘MycroftKitt’ sounds fascinating. Is anyone working on something like this? Would anyone be interested in collaborating on such a project?

The automotive ecosystem has changed a bit since last comment, and I have some big, bad, bold ideas building on what we have here. Definitely agree one should integrate Waze and other popular car apps with this system – I think that’d a very valuable data source for the system. 3/4/5G/LTE integration sounds like it’d be vital for Mycroft in the car (and other cloud services the car uses). What if we went further, integrating Mycroft with some of these new burgeoning DIY self-driving car kits? How about custom on-board sensor and mods? What about tapping into some of these telematics solutions? What about remote controlling an entire fleet of other autonomous vehicles at once? This project has huge potential to blow even the proprietary solutions out of the friggin’ water.

Who’s down for some collab?

I would love to help. Mycroftkitt sounds like the perfect idea. Ive been thinking about something like that for awhile now. Sadly i am new to the diy world. Message me for anything i can help with!

In Croatia, our police said that they encourage the use of the police warning apps because it’s making their job easier and that is forcing drivers to slow down on the particular parts of roads which are more dangerous and cause crashes.

I had this idea years ago and was planning on attempting to make something similar using Android and Tasker. The problem is, most double din android stereos are Android 4.4 which is a dinosaur. Aside from that, they can take up to 45 seconds to initially launch.

Anyone look at the AutoPi dongle doo hickey that’s currently on the market if I’m not mistaken. Is there anyway that can be used as a start point :thinking:🤷🏿

The AutoPI is based on the RPi Zero, which I believe isn’t recommended for PiCroft. Has anyone tried it on the Orange Pi 4G-IOT? I’m thinking that might get more connectivity

I am attempting to intergrate my mycroft and all my trucks electronics…Radio, navigation, backup cams into one harmonious unit. Right now I have the dash apart and i’m figuring out all the wiring issues. If any one wants to collaborate or has gone this route before any assistance, ideas, comments would be fantastic. I am very new to Mycroft but its a fun project with no real deadline, so I do it in my spare time. We need a place for pictures or a spot for video to see everyones projects.


Sounds like you’re having plenty of fun :grin:

Definitely feel free to start a dedicated thread for your project, or were you thinking a general pics/video’s thread?