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MycroftOS - A bare minimal (production type of) OS based on Buildroot


A small teaser type of annoucement was already made in my “Journey” topic elsewhere on these forums.

However as I am getting close to something that will be downloadable and to be flashed onto a SD card, I would like to open this second topic dedicated to the MycroftOS project that I am running on my blog/website.

What is MycroftOS
MycroftOS is a bare minimal OS based on Buildroot to run the Mycroft A.I. software stack on embedded devices such as the Raspberry Pi’s, chinese Android boxes, Asus Tinker board, etc.

Perhaps in the future an alternative for Picroft and/or the Mark-1 device. However only if you just want to use Mycroft as end consumer type of device.

What MycroftOS is NOT
MycroftOS is NOT suitable as a development platform. Development requires you to installl development headers/libraries/dependencies which all are not included within MycroftOS nor easily be installed. MycroftOS should be considered a production type of release for end consumers.

The sourcecode is released on Github.

Latest development
The latest update on the development status has just been pushed to my website.

Please let me know your thoughts, ideas, comments, etc. I am Dutch so can handle “direct” responses, so any feedback, both positive as negative are more than welcome. I hope to learn a lot from this and know for sure, I can learn a ton from you guys.


Can use some help from the experts / guru’s. Running into some monkey business and just don’t see it anymore ?!

Running the services does not adhere the population of “~/” for the location of the configuration file within the users it home directory. It is most likely not a Mycroft issues, more like a busybox init issue, but who knows you guys see it. (getting a bit blind for that stuff atm)