Need help with mycroft.conf


Hi :slight_smile:

I have an issue with the configuration of the Mycroft Core. It’s only a small problem and won’t affect the development of other skills for me, but I kind of want to get it fixed.

I paired my device, running on Ubuntu Virtual Box and changed the mycroft.conf to my location settings in the /mycroft-core/mycroft/configuration directory. I also added my private API keys for the WeatherAPI and Wolfam Alpha and I changed the temperature settings to “celsius”.

The problem I’m having now is that if I ask Mycroft “What time is it?” it will still tell me the time for the default timezone. Same problem with the weather report - I still get the weather for Lawrence, KS and the temperature is being told in °F instead of °C.

I already tried changing the location of my device in and I also copied the mycroft.conf to the other two locations specified in the documentation without success.

As already said, this is not a big problem, because I already developed a skill which basically doesn’t need these settings but it still bothers my somehow.


could you solve your problem and can you describe how you did that?
Otherwise could anyone else help please.
Thanks in advance.


i played with mycroft a bit and i could see that time to times myroft tries to reload its configuration from different locations. Each time it finds one it overrides it (I don’t remember the order). I have stopped pairing my device to the website and now my own configuration is loaded correctly.
You can try this :slight_smile:

[EDIT] I found the load order from the code (mycroft/configuration/ if that may help

DEFAULT_CONFIG = join(dirname(__file__), ‘mycroft.conf’)
SYSTEM_CONFIG = ‘/etc/mycroft/mycroft.conf’
USER_CONFIG = join(expanduser(’~’), ‘.mycroft/mycroft.conf’)