Neon TTS Configuration Options

Is there a tutorial or FAQ or something for configuring the TTS in Neon? The standard Coqui voice is fine, but I find I’ve been missing the Mimic3 Ap voice. Not sure if that’s an option with Coqui, but wanting to see if there’s a similar choice that I can use? I browsed around the site, and nothing jumped out at me right away.

I’m not sure if it’s packaged with the Neon images (I don’t think it is), but you can install it via the docs on its repo: GitHub - OpenVoiceOS/ovos-tts-plugin-mimic3: Text to speech plugin for OVOS using Mimic 3

You’ll have to convert the JSON config to YAML for your neon.yaml file, so something like:

  module: ovos-tts-plugin-mimic3
    voice: en_UK/apope_low
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