Netflix, Prime Video and other streaming platforms

First of all I want to say that I’m a Mycroft enthusiastic, a really great project!

Having said that, I was wondering which skill (if there is one) handles streaming platform like Netflix, Prime Video etc.
Is there a way to search for a film and play it on TV using a streaming app (with or without a chromecast)?

I have a Samsung smart TV and I was thinking if it makes sense to try developing a skill starting from this GitHub - xchwarze/samsung-tv-ws-api: Samsung Smart TV WS API wrapper

Hi @ale

Did you look further, any leads?


There is no direct way, but maybe the Kodi media server with (inofficial) addons for Netflix, Prime Video, etc. with this Kodi-Skill works: GitHub - pcwii/cpkodi-skill: updated Mycroft.AI Kodi Skill using the Common Play Framework

Hi @goldyfruit,
actually, I was waiting for some feedback here, because I already did some research in this forum and on the web, but I didn’t find updated information about how to play Netflix, Prime, etc. using Mycroft.
I read also about this Kodi, but it’s my understanding that the kodi-skill doesn’t support Netflix, but I can be wrong.

@Dominik Thanks for the hint, if I understand well you didn’t try it, did you?

Anyway, maybe the cpkodi-skill could be the way to go instead of some skill TV based.

@pcwii should be the maintainer of the cpkodi-skill repo, maybe he can tell us if the skill supports some film streaming platform…thank you in advance
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Correct, didn’t try this myself, neither the kodi-skill nor Kodi itself. The Kodi-addons for Netflix, Prime Video, etc. are not officially supported (Kodi-people created them by reverse-engineering and/or cool hacks).

Technically I am still the maintainer of the repo, and still around the community. Time is my enemy these days, my development and tinker time has been limited by the work that pays the bills. At this point Beyond controlling youtube within Kodi the cpkodi-skill does not support any of the main streaming platforms. I remember seeing a kodi addon a couple years ago that supported Netflix but I never tried this myself as I don’t have an account. I have since migrated most of my library to Jellyfin, and I think there is a skill around here somewhere for that too but I have not tried.
Also thanks for the Avatar shoutout. I too was a big fan of the commander keen series back in the day, although I am afraid to say I was no longer a child at the time :rofl:

Thanks for the feedback pcwii, maybe I could install this kodi on my Samsung TV, if it is possible, and try to do some tests with Netflix.
But I think that I can leave open the possibility to develop something TV based…

I don’t suspect this would be possible.

  1. Not sure what type of Samsung TV but I think it would have to be android based to do this.
  2. Just having Kodi installed won’t permit kodi to access the netflix app on your tv. Kodi is it’s own media player.
  3. Kodi would require a “addon” to support netflix for the cpkodi skill to theoretically be able to access netflix. Apparently this addon does exist netfixPlugin
  4. Lastly, I do not have a netflix account so development and debuging would have to be done by others to see if it could work.


Maybe you can check out as a “domotic hub”