New OpenEmbedded Support for Mycroft


Yocto/OpenEmbedded now has Mycroft support! You can see the recipe here:

Anyone who wants to use Mycroft in their OE project just needs to add this to their local.conf (or distro conf):

## Install mycroft

## Ensure pulse audio is spawned
DISTRO_FEATURES += " pulseaudio"
PACKAGECONFIG_append_pn-pulseaudio = " autospawn-for-root"

After that it will automatically setup and run on boot, no manual work required.


Hey Alistair, this is great, thanks for sharing it.

Did you create the recipe?

I’m curious what other hardware you’ve tried it on?


Yeah, I did create the recipe.

I have been testing it on a RISC-V development board and it works pretty well.

I have a patch ready to send out (just needs a little more testing) that bumps the version and fixes the mising flac dependency. So hopefully by the end of the week that will be merged. In the meantime you will need to manually install flac unfortunately.


Everything is updated in meta-openembedded, so the recipe is ready to go! No extra dependencies are required


Nice, maybe it’s time for me to get myself a RISC-V dev board… :slight_smile: