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No audio on timers

Hi folks,

I’ve just put together the bits I got a while back for the (now depracated) Mark II OTS. I’ve got it working for the most part - but I’ve got a weird quirk that while it will play audio for alarms, the timer skill doesn’t play anything.

If I ask mycroft after the timer’s elapsed it will state that the timer has elapsed x seconds ago, but there’s nothing in any of the logs I can see that indicates failure to play a sound. (It also doesn’t show the timer at all on the rotated screen, the screen just goes black. It’ll go back to showing the time afterwards, but I’m ignoring that for the moment!).

Any suggestions would be great!

By any chance switched to the “make-timer-great-again”-branch?

I must admit I only just found out about branches for skills and haven’t worked out how to switch between them yet beyond switching to the dev branch for all skills

It’s currently set up to install the dev branch of the the skills - however I can’t see anything obvious in my search of the forums, or the docs, about how to install a specific version of the skill. I’m sure it’s there but I’m not finding it with a search.

However, with the dev version it still behaves exactly the same.

This is the behaviour I’m getting:

Then it’s very unlikely you’re working on said branch.

Anyhow, the branch got merged in 21.02 days ago with a bunch of fixes. From the commit description i would assume it’s on the marketplace (so for master ). But actually i lost track what’s on what since i’m only on dev.

That said, i wouldn’t know the state the skill was in prior the new updates (GUI-wise). But i can report a working GUI representation (audiovisually) with the updates.