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No sound after changing voice

hi everyone,

I have an issue when changing the voice or wakeword with the website acoount page ( on my RPi3+. I have a sound output when using the british or the american voice. But when I change to the ggogle voice, there is no sound output. Did I miss something when changing to the google voice or is this an known issue?


Hey there, is this all sound or just the text-to-speech output?

Do you still get a wake word acknowledgement tone?

Hi, there is no TTS nor a wake word acknowledgement. When I change back to british, than the there is also wake word sound, but TTS works. When I write to the CLI to tell me the weather, then I get a TTS sound output. When I write to the cli “hey mycroft”, then I get “I dont know what that means”. There is also another issue:
When I run the command "
(.venv) pi@picroft:~ $ mycroft-start wakewordtest
Already up to date.
Starting wakewordtest
Warning: No wav files found in /home/pi/mycroft-core/test/wake_word/data/with_wake_word
Warning: No wav files found in/home/pi/mycroftcore/test/wake_word/data/without_wake_word

There seems something broken…
Could someone please give an advise what I could do?