No space left in

I have opt in to share my voices with the community, but I see on the logs I cannot upload them to mycroft repo, logs says there is no space left on /home/precise/wakewords/… I have space more than sufficient (more than 100GB free) and that path doesn’t exists in my Mark1, and creating it, just in case, doesn’t fix anything, so I guess it doesn’t complains about my free space, but the remote side space. Here there are the logs

23:34:49.535 - mycroft.client.speech.mic:listen:504 - DEBUG - Recording...
23:34:49.537 - mycroft.client.speech.mic:_upload_file:339 - DEBUG - Uploading /tmp/mycroft_wake_words/hey-mycroft.cc65c58d358ea17c4ced03054e2d70c6.1513121573769.84b5955b-f864-404e-83ac-47062314fa4e.85b949a0-5472-4d5c-9956-ead4e28082b1.wav...
23:34:49.543 - mycroft.client.speech.main:handle_record_begin:35 - INFO - Begin Recording...
23:34:51.525 - mycroft.client.speech.main:handle_record_end:40 - INFO - End Recording...
23:34:51.562 - mycroft.client.speech.main:handle_wakeword:56 - INFO - Wakeword Detected: hey mycroft
23:34:51.621 - requests.packages.urllib3.connectionpool - DEBUG - Starting new HTTPS connection (1):
23:34:52.493 - mycroft.client.speech.mic:listen:499 - DEBUG - Waiting for wake word...
23:34:53.460 - requests.packages.urllib3.connectionpool - DEBUG - "POST /v1/stt?lang=en-US&limit=1 HTTP/1.1" 200 None
23:34:54.121 - mycroft.client.speech.listener:transcribe:144 - DEBUG - STT: what time is it
23:34:54.124 - mycroft.client.speech.main:handle_utterance:61 - INFO - Utterance: [u'what time is it']
scp: /home/precise/wakewords/hey-mycroft.cc65c58d358ea17c4ced03054e2d70c6.1513121573769.84b5955b-f864-404e-83ac-47062314fa4e.85b949a0-5472-4d5c-9956-ead4e28082b1.wav: No space left on device
23:34:55.969 - mycroft.client.speech.mic:_upload_file:348 - DEBUG - Could not upload /tmp/mycroft_wake_words/hey-mycroft.cc65c58d358ea17c4ced03054e2d70c6.1513121573769.84b5955b-f864-404e-83ac-47062314fa4e.85b949a0-5472-4d5c-9956-ead4e28082b1.wav to
23:34:55.971 - mycroft.client.speech.mic:_upload_file:339 - DEBUG - Uploading /tmp/mycroft_wake_words/hey-mycroft.cc65c58d358ea17c4ced03054e2d70c6.1513121689529.84b5955b-f864-404e-83ac-47062314fa4e.85b949a0-5472-4d5c-9956-ead4e28082b1.wav...
scp: /home/precise/wakewords/hey-mycroft.cc65c58d358ea17c4ced03054e2d70c6.1513121689529.84b5955b-f864-404e-83ac-47062314fa4e.85b949a0-5472-4d5c-9956-ead4e28082b1.wav: No space left on device
23:35:04.282 - mycroft.client.speech.mic:_upload_file:348 - DEBUG - Could not upload /tmp/mycroft_wake_words/hey-mycroft.cc65c58d358ea17c4ced03054e2d70c6.1513121689529.84b5955b-f864-404e-83ac-47062314fa4e.85b949a0-5472-4d5c-9956-ead4e28082b1.wav to
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Thanks, you are indeed correct that it’s the server. I’vE just started clearing up some space. Within a few minutes it should start working again and be good for a while, but we are working adding some more space because right now a very tiny drive is sitting in it.

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I hope you will have space problems more often if that means a lot of users are contributing with their speeches :wink: