No speech output


I’m brand new to Mycroft and installed it using the Github instructions on a Ubuntu guest on an OS X host using VirtualBox. When using it with CLI I can see that Mycroft hears my speech and responds appropriately with text output, but there is no speech output. I know the speakers are working (I can hear the ding of Mycroft responding to the wake word). Tails for the voice and audio logs are at Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


@Raj1 do you have mimic built? to check go to the Mycroft-core/mimic directory. There you can do ./mimic -t "hello world". You should then hear mycroft say “hello world”. If not then you most likely do not have mimic built. You can run ./dev-setup in the mycroft-core root directory again to build it.

Hope that helps


That solved it, thank you!


I have similar problem (docker on Linux). Voice is recognized, ding is heard, yet I see answers only in “ debug” window, no speech output.
mimic works properly. This happened after I tried to switch to google synthesizer and then back.
“stt”: { “module”: “mycroft” },
“tts”: { “module”: “mimic”,
“mimic”: {
“voice”: “ap”
“mimic2”: {
“lang”: “en-us”,
“url”: “
“espeak”: {
“lang”: “english-us”,
“voice”: “m1”

I suspect REMOTE is set wrongly and overrides correct settings in the conf file. How can I see value of REMOTE config?


My mistake, sorry - Mycroft home still had google tts specified. Changed it to mimic, had to restart mycroft and now it speaks!