No updates about Mark II since the last 12 weeks :(

Hey there.

I know it’s hard to do business while Covid is spreading all over the world, but I really need some news. I mean, I can’t imagine there’s been 0% progress on the project to bring Mark-II to the people.

We have trust into the project mycroft and some of us have spent a lot of money to show you this. This was the biggest amount for me I ever pushed into an openSource project. and yes, it was a lot of money for me but I sell all my Google devices for this great idea to reduce this amount and I wait. I’d like to get my 3 Mark II devices tomorrow, but I understand it took his time.

Your blog entries on patent abuse are interesting but it is rather a marginal topic for me.

I just want to get some news about the progress of Mark II.

Please dont understand me wrong. I honor your job at mycroft and I love the idea of a free and open source voice-assistant.

Greetings by suisat


The mark2 updates are usually posted over at kickstarter:

Dunno but from the comments many have just lost faith.

The most recent post on Kickstarter was last April! When the Mark II was delayed we were promised transparency and regular updates. Even if no progress is being made in a given time period, that should be communicated along with an explanation. Come on, guys! Don’t leave your long-suffering supporters hanging.

On June 6th there was an AMA.

Hey all, just to make sure you see it, the latest Mark II update just went up.

I hear the frustrations around communication and I know we didn’t put out a May update. We are trying to keep the updates coming regularly alongside making progress on the Mark II, dealing with patent aggressors, and the general state of the world right now…

The good news is that we are making progress, so please stick with us :slight_smile:

THX. This is what I need…