No wake word in folder

[Ubuntu 20.04 LTS on laptop]

Hi, I’m new to Mycroft, and have some problems regarding the wakeword. Mycroft wouldn’t respond to any of the wakewords I set it to, so I ran ./ wakewordtest. It prompted me with this:

kyrafox@spin:~/mycroft-core$ ./ wakewordtest
Already up to date.
Starting wakewordtest
Warning: No wav files found in /home/kyrafox/mycroft-core/test/wake_word/data/with_wake_word
Warning: No wav files found in /home/kyrafox/mycroft-core/test/wake_word/data/without_wake_word

What does it mean? I’m not a professional with Linux, so any help/ideas would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance!

i suspect you misinterpret what wakewordtest does. According to this explanation you have to populate said directories with wav samples to test against it.

Oh, thanks. My bad. Still, Mycroft doesn’t seem to hear me although my mic is on and on a decent volume. (Checked in the settings.). What could it be?

Seems like you’ve already checked the mic?

Now I have, it started recording and when it stopped, it played back what I said. So I think the mic is working.

Your username indicates you’re female. Mycroft lacks in female voice training data. (latest Thread)

Sorry that my username indicates that, actually I’m a male, so I have a male voice too. I have no Idea why Mycroft won’t work. I installed it like it said on the website, started it correctly and also activated it. Oh, wait, one thing I forgot to mention is that when installing it prompted me with some kind of pip-is-out-of-date error, but since it said “you may want to consider upgrading” and not "for Mycroft to work properly, you should upgrade, I didn’t upgrade anything.

pip is pinned to 20.0.2, so this is negligible

Thanks, that’s good to know. Perhaps something went wrong when installing PocketSphinx? Is there any way to test/reinstall it?

PocketSphinx? I should have asked (as i supposed precise). PS is wonky. Any reason why not precise?

It said that my hardware doesn’t currently support precise. I’m on an Acer spin 1 from 2018.