NPR News always plays BBC News

Despite have NPR set in my settings in home. I still only get BBC. What do I need to change?


Hi I think there’s an issue with overmatching in the news that @gez-mycroft is working on (see this thread). Try “what is the news” and see if that plays your preferred station.

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Thanks, you solved my issue!

Thank you. My Mark I has been doing this for weeks, I just got around to checking in, and your answer works!

There is a proper fix pending for the issue so hopefully it will be back in order soon

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Now I have a new news aggravation. I ask Mycroft to play the news, I get “Here is the latest news from NPR News Now” and nothing plays. The same result if I ask “What is the news?”. I rebooted the unit, no change in behavior. Any ideas?


Hey there, the NPR News RSS feed is having an issue on their side.

I’ve posted a work around, just waiting for a review so we can push it up to the Marketplace and out to devices. Should be there in ~24 hours.

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@mwgardiner this should now be resolved :slight_smile:

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It works now. Thanks.

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Hello all, I found this topic searching for the same problem. I just did a fresh picroft install, changed the news feed to a custom url, and asked “play the news”. When I say that, it ALWAYS plays NPR. When I say “what is the news”, like @forslund suggested, it plays fine.

I don’t have a problem asking “what is the news”, but I think it would be way more user friendly to just say “play the news”