Open Access Art skill

Skill name: Art skill

User story:

Now that we have screens/gui, it would be neat to be able to have them rotate through art. Considering the significant amount of open access art in the universe, there’s probably something for everyone.

What third party services, data sets or platforms will the Skill interact with?

Are there similar Mycroft Skills already?

Probably, but nothing seems to be specific to art.

What will the user Speak to trigger the Skill?

Either “wakeowrd, display art” or “enable background art*”

  • if you want the idle screen to show art instead of the time, for instance.

What phrases will Mycroft Speak?

Errors, or affirmations

What Skill Settings will this Skill need to store?

API keys as needed?

Other comments?

Beautify the ecosystem!

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i have a skill that creates art!

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Also cool! This is more of leveraging existing art. But probably reusable in parts.

also have this one

there is also this