Open Source Bounty: Home Assistant skill for the Neon AI OS for Mycroft Mark II / Neon Core OS

Work Requested: Create an open source skill smoothly connecting Home Assistant with the Neon AI Core OS for the Mycroft Mark II. Here is our GitHub if you want a more detailed look at the code for our OS.

Bounty Offered: One brand new Mycroft Mark II, shipped to you.

There is existing work to build on.

Contact me directly at to connect with our tech team and take on this project.


The personal PHAL repository has moved to OpenVoiceOS, The repository to build and integrate with the GUI interface is now at: GitHub - OpenVoiceOS/ovos-PHAL-plugin-homeassistant: HomeAssistant PHAL Plugin for OpenVoice OS which is being updated and worked on actively


Thank you @AIIX, updating links now. Also, we’ve got someone starting the project now :slight_smile:

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Incredible! This was 80% of the reason I purchased my Mark II to begin with.

@Supovitz, I’m sure you’re not alone. It seems like such a great use for the Mark II. :slight_smile: Would you be up for testing it once its ready? If so. I’d love to connect you with the person working on it. Happy to send you a coupon code for a USB boot drive with the Neon OS on it.
Really, that goes for anyone who wants to do testing. Send me a PM for the coupon code, and please tell me if you’re outside the US. Here’s the Square site, which makes shipping it to people very easy for me.

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I have plenty of USB drives I can image, and I am happy to test anything and everything for the community.

I can be reached quickly via email or discord. I will PM you both addresses.


I’m interested in testing. But I didn’t find the function of a PM. :slight_smile:
Maybe you can write me one @NeonClary . thx and have a nice week!

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Sent :slight_smile: Just need your email. If you don’t see the private message, you are also welcome to share it with me directly at

Hey there, please consider me a guinea pig!

Perfect timing! Thank you :slight_smile:
If you’re already running Neon, you can ask it to “enable pre-release updates”, next ask it to “check for updates” and update to the latest pre-release version in which the beta version of the Home Assistant skill will be available. If you don’t mind messaging or emailing me your own email I’ll add you directly to the thread with @mikejgray who is building it & @Supovitz and @DickeElfe who have also offered testing. They can give you more details.

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I’ve run out of time tonight to play with it, but this is pretty exciting! Can’t seem to figure out how I DM you, but I’m happy to share my contact info directly/privately if there’s a way to do that :slight_smile:

I should be able to get to it later in the week or at latest, this weekend.