Overclocking raspberry pi 3 b+


So i’ve just been looking into overclocking my pi, iv overclocked a few PC and got some quite good results, i’ve found a what i think is a quite good guide to follow -


any others out there anyone would like to mention would be great

also wondering if anybody had a go at doing this before, if so what were your results, i know each and every pi will produce different outcomes just wanted a feel of things to come.

at the moment i have a heatsink on the cpu and ram with a fan on each chip and just a heatsink on the ethernet controller.

thanks everyone


I’d look into a pine64 model, or an atomic, banana, or orange pi that’s faster/more memory instead.


Iv not really got the money to spend, I hoping I can improve on my pi


What are you trying to accomplish by doing so?


Not much really I’m not really worried about cpu really I’m more interested in the ram, I know I can’t upgrade the ram as its soldered to the board, just need a way to improve it some how, I did see this zram don’t really know much about it, is it worth installing??


running mycroft dosnt eat up all the memmory. But I if running other stuf on the pi on the same time can eat up the memmory.

Then zram is a way to get a little more out of the ram, but it costs a little on the cpu.

I extend the swap the few times I need more memmory (when making the THEIA IDE for the THEIA skill) I need much memmory on the Pi. But daily mycroft usage I dont.


You can also look into usb swap to save sd writes. Or boot from usb.
What else are you planning on running in the balance of ram?


I’m running mycroft and MagicMirror2