Pandora Playback issues


Hmmmmm…I have an issue that I think I know what it is, but not sure how to fix it. When I say “Hey Mycroft, play Pandora”, Pandora starts playing, but at super slow speed. The news plays well, but it uses a different playback method. The voice works well, but not with long utterances. The biggest thing is Pandora. I use it often and would love to have it fixed.


I agree. Mine stops after a few songs. @steve.penrod - when will this be fixed?


Hey builderjer,

From memory you have a few devices running Mycroft is that right? Is the slow playback occurring across all devices or just one?

It sounds like this is a different issue to the playback stopping after a few songs. Last time it happened, I believe there was an issue with the pianobar package that we use, but I will take a look and see what we can find.


This one is on a fresh picroft.


I found this old pianobar issue that describes a similar issue.

The first (easiest) thing I’d try is reducing the audio quality. You can do this by editing your pianobar config which should be located at:
and add/edit the following line
audio_quality = low

Second, for at least some people it was an issue with libao. The fix there was to edit:
and change:
to read

If neither of those work I’d also be interested to see what your CPU load and memory usage look like at rest vs when Pandora is playing. I’m assuming this is a Raspberry Pi 3?


Yes, it’s a pi 3, I will try your suggestions when I get a chance. Thanks for your research.