PC does not have AVX and Mycroft does not respond to wake word

Hi, I’ve been using Mycroft for around 1 year and recently installed it on my old pc so that I can use it 24*7. Everything went fine but the Wake Word was not responding. When I read the docs I found that my pc was not having AVX which was necessary for the precise wake word. So, Is there any way I can set another wake word or use this one?

Hi @Jairo_Josy

You can use PocketSphynx.

Actually, I have seen this, but I didn’t understand how to use pocketsphinx. Should I remove the old precise configuration or add the pocketsphinx separately. Also, should I record my voice and train a model or something?

As mentioned at the top of the link I gave you:

At a high-level Precise provides more accurate and reliable results, but requires the collection of voice samples and some experience in machine learning to train a new Wake Word. PocketSphinx on the other hand can be used to quickly configure any new Wake Word through a text configuration file, but provides less reliable results.

So no, you don’t need Precise to be enable and PocketSphynx doesn’t require voice samples. PocketSphynx uses Phonemes.