Pi croft audio play back problem

Hi Mycroft

Please excuse the second post on this, maybe my first question wasn’t clear.

I have Picroft with raspeberry pi 3 and a ReSpeaker 2Mics pHAT.

I get this message when it boots up. “Couldn’t allocate mixer Alsaaudio error (unable to find mixer control master 0)”

Mic and speaker work when tested with ‘arecord -d 10 test. wav’ and ‘aplay test.wav’

Mycrfoft hears me and does his speech to text thing, but I get nothing form the speaker. If I plug headphones into the audio jack on the Pi I do get some sound (and very faint sound if speaker is connected).

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Please try to select your playback device using alsamixer command.

Thanks for you reply
I have tried that, buy it does not seem to work I am not to able to save the setting. I think it just goes back to the default when I press esc to exit.

Thanks for the useful information @aaron57.
I also had a person who had a similar issue a couple of days ago.
All that I can think of is that alsamixer is not saving settings properly.

I read this article on the Ubuntu forums about saving settings in alsamixer using elevated privileges. I don’t suppose you want to give that a try and see if it works?

Hi Kathy

Thanks for your replies

I have tried a couple of the solutions in the post, but I still can’t get alsa to save the settings even with ‘sudo alsamixer’.

My linux skills are not good enough to try the more complex solutions, I am not sure how to navigate to the files and do the necessary edits.

I do not know what to do to get this mycroft growling, Should I try to reload the whole operating system, or can somebody talk me through editing the alsa configuration?


Have you tried asking “set volume to 100 percent”? Others gave had issues were volume was set too low.

I think I have covered that. I go to the alsa mixer gui, turn everything right up and hit esc to log out. I boot up mycroft and I still have no sound and when I go back to the alsa gui all the settings are the same as before I changed them. I think this is a coding issue, the gui does not seem to work.

Hey Mycroft
Is it possible to flash a version of raspbian onto my Raspberry pi and then install Mycroft on top? I am familiar with linux window managers so I might have a better chance of sorting out the sound problem.

Hey @aaron57 yes this is possible - you want the Picroft image recipe at;