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Picroft and GPIO 8 Relay switch


HI everyone, just to let you know I’ve released a video and a project based on example-gpio skill to use picroft and 8 switch relay module.

Hope it is usefull



This is super! Have you considered posting this project on


Awesome stuff! Definitely post it on!


I’m going to do it



Respected and followed!


Sergio just posted a new/updated version of his home IoT project, now uses an LCD screen! I was able to look at it during my “lunch” break today and what I find really exciting what how it put the vocab files & intent handlers together to execute the commands and for the intent handlers to know what commands to execute. It was very clear to me how he was doing this in the code and how I could use this in future ideas&projects.

I didn’t have time to take a deep dive on the code, but looking forward to replicating this in an upcoming project.

Thanks Segio!



Awesome work Sergio!


Thanks Greg and Kathy



@Joy_Tribbiani would you like a shout-out on Twitter with your work?


Tks Kathy, that would be nice.


Awesome, what’s your Twitter username?


Nice work sir @Joy_Tribbiani. I hope you build a skills for 4-channel relay module also and share it to us. Honestly, I really need it for my project this February. Thanks in advance. Godbless.


Hi causpaus, just released

msm install




Thanks a lot sir @Joy_Tribbiani. It’s a great help. Thank you very much sir.


@Joy_Tribbiani sir i have a problem regarding the GPIO of the picroft. I check the python GPIO package already installed the "import GPIO module still appearing i try to google some remedy of it but nothing works. Please help me. Thanks



can you give me more info about that issue.


I’m not getting output from GPIO’s i had added “sudo usermod -g mycroft gpio” i LOVE a lot this project
but no use So plz help me out for out put… It is my major project for my to be submit on 27-03-18,
Help me with each and every step. to get out put. PLZ step by step process to my mail id : OR in reply section plz reply as u see it. lat date for my project on 27-03-18…

i’m new to raspberry pi and mycroft AI. step by step doc in reply section plzzzzzzzz sir…Joy_Tribbiani


Unfortunately we don’t have step by step documentation on using the GPIO pins on Picroft - they’re there for you to experiment with and use in whatever way you can imagine, however the best starting point is probably the RPi documentation itself;


My problem is i’m unable to access GPIO pins with voice assistant…i can only access it manully using triggering…So could u plz help for accessing it with mycroft voice or TTS…


Have a look at this Skill for an example: