Picroft cutting off end of sentence

I’m having the same issue as in this thread from a year ago - Voice Output Cuts Off
I downloaded the latest picroft a couple of days ago, commented out the suspend-on-idle line and am currently at a loss. Any ideas?

I’m using the AIY voicekit speaker and mic.

Which voice are you using?

The British voice
Also, today I discovered there’s a v2 of the voicekit. I’m using v1.

I posted a topic, about trying to create a Dalek voice, a few days ago. In that, I describe adding code to separate the text responses into individual words. I was also experiencing the problem of losing the last word (prior to modifying the code, and always the last whole word, not part of a word). In response to this, I added the line ‘utterance = utterance + ". "’ (see the post for details). This seems to have helped the problem but I’ve not tested it heavily since.