Picroft image builder

Hello! I configured Picroft with a image builder using pi-gen on Github Actions and I think it’s good to go. I tested the images with an Android phone using mycroft-android (cfecc22) and a Raspberry Pi 3.

I’ve provided image releases here Releases · kleo/picroft · GitHub.

Images are built on Raspberry Pi Bullseye armhf. I could add arm64 builds if necessary.

I thank gez for providing the requirements for this project!


I would vote to add 64 bit, since a bunch of (non-mycroft) projects would require a 64 bit system. I terms of compatibility that would be a leap.


Nice stuff - looks like you’ve been making lots of progress on this still!

Once it’s stabilised it would be good to chat about whether this would make sense as the official Picroft build process. Currently there’s no CI/CD setup for Picroft releases.

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I’ve provided hosting for stable and nightly images at anemone.eu.org as github actions rsync target and temporary download server.

picroft arm64 images are now available

todo: nightly checks and start build only if there are new commits on MycroftAI/mycroft-core dev branch


I’ll be shutting down my temporary target and download server for Picroft images. Proof of concept for the image builder already works and I’m limited in resources.

Picroft nightly and stable images are too large for Github Releases and Artifacts. Previously I’ve done releases by splitting the images into multiple tar.gz files but that would be too much.