Picroft image hosting on Torrent


Right now, the Picroft image is only hosted on Google Drive. This can be slow sometimes. Is it an idea to include an optional torrent link for those who want it. I would be happy to host the image and so would many others I think.


Hey, that is a great idea and is how I download almost all other distro images.

I believe we use Google Drive because we essentially get unlimited bandwidth through it for next to nothing, but the same can be said of bittorent.

Do you know any good trackers? I know the bigger distro’s like Ubuntu host their own which seems excessive for us.


Don’t know if it is still active, but there was a torrent for the Picroft image posted on Mycroft-Chat some time ago: https://chat.mycroft.ai/community/pl/4jo1m37ypfrtbj937ra8dnywje


Looks like the tracker used tracker.animmouse.tk has changed it’s domain to tracker.eu.org.

I gave it a try after switching trackers but not getting any results at the moment.

@imparker did you set this one up initially?