Picroft: Testing New Skill Locally


Messing with creating a skill directly on my “Picroft”, but having an issue: how do you get the Mycroft service (CLI, auto_run, etc.) to pick up the new Skill? The new Skill is currently sitting in the appropriate ~/skills directory with the right subfolders, files, and formats. I’ve checked the /var/log/mycroft-skills.log and it does not mention anything of my Skill being added.

The Mycroft-Core documentation mentions the Skills SDK/mycroft-skills-container as a way to test newly developed skills, but when I do a “sudo pip install …”, as directed in the documentation, it breaks Mycroft by not allowing the scripts to find the …/main.py file. I’ve already re-imaged the Pi twice and that specific “pip install” caused the breaks for sure.

I see that I could push to a public github folder and msm install from there, but that’s annoying and I’m not ready to put my code out there yet.

Any ideas?


So it should add it automatically when it’s added to the folder. Can you check the logs and see if it’s registering the intent? It might be an error in the code.