Picroft_v20.08_2020-09-07 not installing on Pi 3 +

I have tried to install this image but it gets about 1/2 way and tells me that some depenrencies faild to load and askes me if i wish to continue. N/y
I down loaded it from here. 16 gig class 10 sundisk sd card using Pi imager to load. Pi 3 B pluse Rev 1.2
I can not attach the screan shoot but i do have it.
Thanks in advance.

Mycroft is dead, use OVOS or Neon

OVOS headless images for the Rpi3/4, and GUI image for Rpi4 here

i found them thank you.

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Let me know how they work.

I think you will have more dev and user interaction on the matrix chats

It seems to work fine, I have older equipment Pi 3 plus and $7.00 usb mic. (all junk I had unused, laying around.) But it works,
Just took a bit of digging and readding.
Thanks again

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