Pokemon - testing and feedback


This skill responds to many questions about Pokemon.

How to install Pokemon

  • Install Pokemon by …
    mycroft-msm install https://github.com/retrodaredevil/pokemon-skill.git

  • Pokemon connects to SERVICES …

    • Pokebase API. No authentication is required, so no API keys are required

How to test Pokemon

  • No set up required
  • Phrases can be found at The github page
  • “What does Pikachu evolve into” (and more phrases on the github page)

Where feedback on Pokemon should be directed a

  • The issues page for most issues
  • This post if you have informal requests, suggestions, or are just too lazy to log into github

Currently this skill only responds to requests on Pokemon and Abilities. I plan on adding Move details and am taking suggestions on what to add in next.


Nice, I will check it tmr.



Ohh I like this skill - sadly pokobase isnt in Danish, so it isnt suited for translation to Danish and then my daughter cant use it :frowning:
And I am not that big fan of pokomins so I can or will translate all the pokobase :wink:


Yeah sadly pokebase doesn’t have all the translations. Another problem is that even though it can respond in the correct language, right now it can only detect Pokémon names and Pokémon abilities in English. I’m not really sure how to detect what name was spoken in different languages since that’s not what pokebase was made for.


Yah. That is a issue. In Danish the names Are in english, but not their skills.
But a fun skill anyway.