Possible bug from translate.mycroft.ai?

While working on the weather-skill I found that several dialog-files in subfolder “de-de” were missing, e.g. “do not know.dialog” or “miles per hour.dialog”. Instead I found dialog files like “know.dialog” and “hour.dialog” which are not present in the “en-en” subfolder.
It looks like that the dialog-files with spaces in the filename somehow got corrupted during the translation process? (A quick look in another language subfolder (e.g. “nl-nl” or “ru-ru”) confirms this impression…)

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Thanks for flagging this, sounds like it could be a bug in the export script.

I’ll investigate and report back

I think this is better now: https://github.com/MycroftAI/skill-weather/tree/18.08/dialog/de-de

the translate server does something strange when exporting the files making a newline at each " " (space) which tripped up the export script.

I’ve done a dirty hack joining them back together which seem to work for the weather skill at least.

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