Pre-order your Mark II. Shipping starts 19th Sept 2022.

Originally published at: Pre-order your Mark II. Shipping starts 19th Sept 2022. - Mycroft

We are proud and excited to announce that as of today, we have a date for the beginning of Mark II mass-production.


Here is a letter from our CEO, Michael Lewis:


I promised I wouldn’t announce the Mark II for sale until I was sure about the ship date. Well, now I’m sure. Eight months from the time we place the orders for parts, the first mass-production Mark II will roll off the line. The sale of 1000 units will be enough to finance the set up costs (NREs), and when we’ve hit that milestone we’ll start the clock ticking. If we can sell 1000 by the end of the year, I’m confident that our ship date will be Sept 19th 2022.

When I joined Mycroft in 2020, the circumstances weren’t great. There was the patent thing. There was the pandemic thing. There was a Mark II prototype that cost $2000 each to make. The software needed a little work too. In retrospect…

But I was sold on the idea, the team and the need. Just look at this Mycroft vs. Amazon video to see just one example of what drives me crazy about modern technology. Amazon is relentless with their constant attempts to get your attention and “feed you content”. Mycroft just does what you ask it to. That’s the kind of device I want in my house.

Now the Mark II really exists. I have two on my desk and one in my kitchen. And, finally, we have a solid plan to make more. Lots more.

Personally, I’m very excited to have the date finally pinned down and I can’t wait for you to get yours. Thank you once again for your support.


Michael Lewis
CEO, Mycroft AI inc.
p 408-834-9398

EVT = Engineering Validation Testing

DVT = Design Validation Testing

PVT = Production Validation Testing

DFM = Design for Manufacturing

UL = Underwriters Laboratories

FCC = Federal Communications Commission

CE = Certified for European Economic Area

RoHS – Restriction of Hazardous Substance Directive

EE = Electrical Engineering

ME = Mechanical Engineering


Pre-order your Mark II now. Shipping starts 19th Sept 2022*.


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* See order page for details.


Would really love to (pre-)order at least one. With payment options restricted to credit cards however that is not ever going to happen unfortunately.

On the pre-order purchase page, how do we specify that we had previously placed the $1 reservation? Do we have to log in, or use the same name/address/email/something-else that matches up with the info entered at the time of reservation? I reserved my place a long time ago and some of my contact info might not be the same. (Also, does the system process a $1 discount for reservation-holders? The reservation was advertised a “deposit” so one would expect that money to go towards the cost of purchase)

Hey @e-t-l - you should have received a coupon via email yesterday. Can you email me from the address you would have used to on your reservation and I’ll take a look?
kris.gesling@ our domain

Or if you have the email receipt from the reservation that would help us track it down quicker.

Hey Martin, sorry about that. It’s a bunch of work to add new payment processors, so won’t be happening overnight but I’ll raise it with the team and see what we can do.

Done! The only concern I have is customs into UK.

If I consider it a computer without a keyboard:

I will need to pay 20% VAT and no customs charges. Fingers crossed.

I am hoping the delivery charges covers for some information or a fellow UK resident can confirm findings?

I hope you make the 1k sales target!

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Hi Kris, just emailed you with all the info from my reservation confirmation. Happy holidays!

Hi, I did make the $1 preorder, thinking it meant an automatic place in the queue (maybe i did not read carefully). Today (midnight in my timezone, read a while ago) I got the weekly Mycroft community summary with the preorder post, the linked page mentioning the deadline 28th Dec. I did not receive anything via e-mail, also checked spam. So I guess my preorder got lost?

I’m trying to figure out if my pre-order actually happened. I got charged the $310 USD for it but I’ve gotten no confirmation at all from MyCroft. I sent a message on the contact form on the site but have received no acknowledgement of that being received either. Is there any way for me to actually find out if my pre-order was correctly recorded?

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So, I’m happy to pre-order a 2nd unit, but

(a) the Indiegogo campaign I backed was with a reward of a Mk II Camera - does this count? (is this still happening?)

(b) I don’t see how I get a pre-order to the front of the queue

Anyone with pre-order questions, please send me an e-mail at michael.hansen @ our domain. I’ll do my best to help out :slight_smile:

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Any new on alternate payment options?

Yeah, we’re looking at accepting crypto payments. I’m jumping through some regulatory hoops at the moment, so hopefully will have some good news soon :slight_smile:

Just updating this. In USA it is sent via USPS but once in UK it will be waiting for a week in one facility. But at some point you will receive a letter from Parcel force.

In my case Nov 9 the parcel stopped moving. And today Nov 17 I got the letter to pay customs. Thankfully I ignored the offers from USPS to claim on the insurance.


Attached is image of what I had to pay to hopefully get it moving again. Import VAT of £57.31 and clearance fee of £12.

These prices are probably based off the discounted value of Mark II when I bought it.

I could have it with me on Saturday but they would have charged an extra £12. I feel I should have.

I wonder if Mycroft are looking to have distributors in UK/EU.

Hey there,

VAT and other import duties are big pain. We try to be up front that these are not included in the purchase price however it is something that we are mindful of and would like to find a better solution to.

This may come in 2 flavors:

  1. Collecting taxes up front - I’ve been looking at services to see if we can provide good global coverage for taxes and import duties. Even though each Mark II would still incur the same fee - you would at least know exactly what to expect at the point of purchase, instead of when the package reaches your country. Importantly we need to make sure it’s accurate so that neither the customer, nor us as a company are getting a raw deal.
  2. Looking for local distribution options. I believe this would be the better option as we could significantly reduce the shipping and import costs. Particularly for places like Europe where we have a lot of orders going.

We’re also doing this with shipping more broadly, and where we’ve been able to drop shipping costs before a package has been sent - have been refunding that cost to customers.

But yeah, we are looking at this. The cheaper it is for us to send you a Mark II, the better for all of us. We don’t get any benefit from higher shipping or import costs - it’s all going to the postal companies and your local Governments.

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I payed for a MK2 4 years ago when it was still being developed. When can I expect delivery???
Been a long time waiting. Pretty much given up. I invested a few thousand $$$ when it was a startup…
What a waste of money…