Profile? not working

so neither profile, nor edit profile links work for me?
sorry if this is duplicated as another topic.
as it doesnt show my full name, or let me change it.
sounds like a kids name.

Hi Dravey,

I’m assuming this is for these Community Forums rather than your profile.

This is a known issue and is the same reason the forums look strange on mobile, and you can probably see a blinking (? / !) button at the bottom of each post (this is the like button).

We had a failure during an upgrade to our forum software and haven’t had time to get in and iron out all the resulting bugs. The team is currently revamping and as the system is usable we decided to prioritise this instead. We’ll be getting back to fix up the forums very soon.

In the interim, if you’d like me to manually edit your display name, I’d be happy to do that. Just post it here or message me privately in Chat if you’d prefer.

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can you just make it says Draveyn or Drave if thats too long, sorry for the absence been busy with some other stuff.

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Done and done.

Just FYI - you should have been logged out on all devices.

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