PulseAudio mute while recording: Unmute to previous setting

I like the feature that the PulseAudio output gets muted while recording. Unfortunately, when unmuting after recording, it seems to return to the previously set volume only if no extra amplification has been set in sound settings (i.e., it cannot got above 100% while you can set amplification up to 150%).

On my laptop, I needed to crank the maximum volume up to 150%, because the laptop speakers aren’t too loud and some YouTube videos are very low volume. So my volume setting would be 150% when Mycroft hits in, mutes, and after recording unmutes to 100%—which, effectively, is now only 67%. Upon occasional triggers of the wake word, this makes video watching a bad experience: You have to re-adjust the volume to full after each false trigger.

Interestingly, when using the VolUp/VolDown media buttons on the keyboard, the popup always shows values between 0 and 100% (100% in popup being 150% shown when hovering over the tray volume button).

When right-clicking the volume button in the tray and selecting/unselecting “Mute output” (“Ausgang stumm” on my German-language system), it will return to the previous volume, even if it was above 100%.

Is there any way to make Mycroft respect the real sound settings and return the volume to what is was before?

My system: Dell Latitude E6510 business laptop, Intel i7 Q740 (4 cores/8 threads), 16 GB RAM, 1 TB SSD, Linux Mint 20.3 w/ Cinnamon DE, Mycroft 21.2.2, Python 3.8.10. ALSA + PulseAudio + JACK2 setup (but problem can be reproduced on a “naked” Linux Mint system with only ALSA and PulseAudio installed).

Screenshots of audio settings: