PyChess integrated with Mycroft

Has anyone attempted to integrate Mycroft with PyChess? It shouldn’t be too hard, and I might start on it in a few weeks.

Hey Charles,

I haven’t seen anyone working on a chess Skill previously, and there’s nothing in Andlo’s unofficial list of Skills scraped from Github.

Sounds like a great Skill though!

It seems pychess is mainly the UI, all we really need is the backend, maybe this?

OH I also started with a skill. but I’m still at the beginning. I wanted to use stockfish.

I haven’t had time to work on this skill. I suppose that I should get back to it. I’ve even got a Square Off board that I was going to try to integrate into the project, but I can’t get support from Square Off. I need the communication protocol that they send to the Arduino from their chess app, which appears to be an enhanced app. Very proprietary.

I will be using PyChess. I realize that is a front-end, but it should be easy to interface with Mycroft.

Python-chess might work. Any idea how it compares to PyChess in stability and processing overhead?

would you like help with making the skill?