Python 3 Skills Support


I am working with a python module that was developed with python 3 and when I try to include it into a skill I am developing it is failing as it is being called with Python 2.7. Is there a way to force a skill to utilize the python 3 interpreter?

Can build skills mycroft by Python 3

A switch to Python3 is actually in the works at the moment.


Hey there @pcwii, @baconator is right - we’re planning to move to Python 3, but in the interim your Skills will need to run on Python 2.7.


Thanks for the reply, do we have a time line for python 3 integration?


We’re starting to build it out now, so best timeline I have is at least a few months. There are some pretty big changes going 2.7 => 3, and this change is occurring alongside others like our intent to move from Debian Jessie Lite on the Picroft to Stretch, so we have to ensure it works across our ecosystem.