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'Rain check' in weather skill not working

When asking MyCroft ‘Will it rain today?’, the response is ‘You may have to say that another way’, or ‘Please rephrase your request’ or one of the other “I don’t know but I’m learning new things every day” response.

Asking when it will rain next, does work.

NOTE - ‘Will it snow today’, ‘Will it be sunny today’, etc do work correctly. I also found that ‘Will it rain tomorrow’ gives the generic I don’t know responses as well.

Hey I just tried “will it rain today” and got a correct response - have you tried this out with the latest version of the Weather Skill? It got a huge overhaul recently that fixed a bunch of little bugs.

If it doesn’t it would also be good to check what the speech recognition is transcribing your utterance as. It could be that the STT is not hearing you correctly, thus the Skill isn’t being triggered.

I had installed the dev app for a while due to the ‘day’ issue, but had MyCroft remove and re-add the skill to test this. I’m on the current release (21.02 release 1).

I am pretty sure she understands me as she gets “when will it rain next” correct.

I will check the logs tonight to see if any additional information is available.

Here is information from the log files…

Fri  1 Oct 01:17:01 UTC 2021

Starting update
Fetching remote repos
Repo version available: 21.2
allowedVer=‘21.2’ availVer=‘21.2’
Reading package lists…
Building dependency tree…
Reading state information…
mycroft-mark-1 is already the newest version.

2021-10-01 01:38:34.198 | INFO | 855 | QuestionsAnswersSkill | Searching for will it rain today
2021-10-01 01:38:35.102 | INFO | 855 | QuestionsAnswersSkill | Timeout occured check responses

Was finally able to get the Mark I updated to the latest version. The Mark I still fails when asked “Will it rain today”

Hey, can you check a few things:

cd /opt/mycroft/skills/mycroft-weather.mycroftai
git fetch origin
git status

This should return:

On branch 21.02
Your branch is up to date with ‘origin/21.02’.

I’m also interested in what version of Adapt is running on the device as there have been a lot of updates to Adapt recently and I’m wondering if a difference there might be impacting the intent matching.

mycroft-pip list | grep adapt-parser

Thanks for the follow up. There were 9 commits which were not installed with the latest update. I did a git pull and they now show as current.

The Adapt is running version 0.5.1.

After the git pull, MyCroft correctly answered “Will it rain today”.

Nice to know it was a simple sync/update and thank you again for all the help.


Sorry for barging in but I’m running into same issue. I use RPi4 and Buster Keaton - Pork Pi mycroft-core: 21.2.1 ( master ) installed from unstable Picroft_v21.02.0_20210604 image.

Running the commands suggested I get this output:

(.venv) pi@picroft:~/.config/mycroft $ cd /opt/mycroft/skills/mycroft-weather.mycroftai
(.venv) pi@picroft:/opt/mycroft/skills/mycroft-weather.mycroftai $ git fetch origin
(.venv) pi@picroft:/opt/mycroft/skills/mycroft-weather.mycroftai $ git status
On branch 20.08
Your branch is ahead of 'origin/20.08' by 30 commits.
  (use "git push" to publish your local commits)

nothing to commit, working tree clean
 (.venv) pi@picroft:~ $ mycroft-pip list | grep adapt-parser
 adapt-parser                  0.5.1

However from the above posts I believe it should say it’s on git branch origin/21.02 not 20.08. How would I go about updating the skills? I tried mycroft-msm update which says INFO - Nothing new for mycroft-weather and for all other skills.

Thanks for any suggestions!

I fixed it by removing the skill, then installing it again, after which it showed on 21.02 and git pull updated it.'Rain check' in weather skill not working - #9 by hugalafutro

Glad to hear. Looks like the PiCroft image is a bit behind mainstream. I had to install the git changes even after the latest Mark I image (21.02) was installed.