Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ Compatibility?

Kathy, your 2nd link is a very old discussion about a different python wrapper for ssl, pyopenssl.

There is no python SSL bug if you use the python installed by Raspian, instead of the one installed by the mycroft-core apt package. Mycroft installs an old python and some very old python packages. They aren’t up to date with changes in Raspian (Debian) Stretch.

See https://github.com/MycroftAI/mycroft-core/issues/1285

That’s super helpful, thanks @tlc

Hi…i am a new user here. As per my knowledge it seems like it’s barely more powerful than the Pi 3. Exact same GPU and Ram type and speed. No changes. WiFi and ethernet is supposed to be better but this changes nothing on actual performance.

board assembly

I don’t have a rpi3 and rpi3 B+ to test this with (because those cost money), but I did some searching and found these pages that seem to indicate a way to run Jessie on a rpi3 B+ (including wifi on one unknown on the other)…

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Due this issue @KathyReid pointed out some threads before is still open i’m quite unsure if buying a raspberry pi 3b+ is a good idea.
I want to play around using MyCroft and Matrix Voice and therefore i’m willing to buy a new raspberry.
Should i go for the “old” raspberry pi 3b model instead of the + version?

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In my experience you need to update/upgrade the Jessie distribution on a pi 3. So if you don’t own one or have access to one then you probably should steer clear of the pi 3b+.
I’ve just had another thought though, maybe someone with a pi 3 could create a blank image that has already been updated/upgraded and make that available to anyone to download. Maybe even the official picroft image could have that done to it.


You should be able to combine the raspberry pi 3b+, debian stretch light, Matrix Voice and the dev install of Mycroft. I takes longer to install Mycroft but it will work for you.

Until the picroft image is working on debian stretch, cloning Mycroft from GitHub is your only option for that hardware combination.

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Thanks for the information.
I found this post some days ago, so i’m optimistic that the combination will work.

But i ordered the “old” raspberry pi 3b yesterday - just to be sure :slight_smile: .