Really shutdown the Mark II

I haven’t found where to apply the appropriate tweaks indicated by master McKnight to delay the shutdown (and also how to shut down the fan via GPIO), so I’m stuck with a full-on fan. Don’t know if it is completely accurate, but refreshing the device list on my MycroftAI dashboard and waiting for disconnect seemed to coincide with shutdown activity on my Mark II, so I’m going to use that until an actual shutdown command is implemented.

Hey there,

One thing to note is that currently out-of-the-box, the fan will go to 100% when the Pi has shutdown. This is pretty audible so can be used as a marker for when the system has shutdown.

Generally I think of the Mark II as being an always on device, so I must admit that I didn’t think of it being a big issue that the fan stayed on when the unit was powered down.

We’re looking at what the best options are here though. Both to add a night mode so that you don’t need to shut the unit down just to go to sleep, and to provide a better poweroff experience.

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Wait, what? Why should a fan spin on a shut down system? Also, is there really an overheating issue? If the RasPi gets too hot, won’t it will crank its CPU speed down to remedy?

I feel there should be options to “never spin the fan”, and “only spin the fan when overheating” for each device in Account

Just my two cents… hope this helps …

-Mike Mac

This is what the gpio-fan has been designed for.

Wow. That’s a terrible user interface. No one would expect that fans running at 100% indicates that an OS is shutdown and it is safe to remove power from a computer…normally that would signify that the system is active and working heavily.

In addition, my Mycroft II doesn’t seem to recognize any shutdown commands (shutdown, halt, stop, init 6, turn off, etc) as verbal skills…the only way to shut it down seems to be through the touch screen interface.


How does one shutdown the Mark II?

I found it. drag the menu from the top of the screen and select shutdown. After the screen is off and the fan goes to the mentions top speed. Pull the plug.

I think this should be mentioned in one of the manuals for silly people like me.


This issue is still occurring. My newly received device, container : 2022-10-18 06:11 has the same issue with no option to sleep either. Is there an update please? Why was the device shipped without the update/fix in place?

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Hear hear!
I may be even sillier.
As I’m not ready to use the Mark II full-on yet, and I’ve only received them this afternoon, I’m just pulling the plug…
No ill effects just yet though.

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