Reboot brings old files and skill-pairing on picroft

short = every reboot is trashing the /opt/mycroft/skills and /opt/mycroft/enclosure ownership and files.

Long: For another app reason, downed my picroft (Raspberry 3) that has run pretty good for a year. Made a backup image of SD on a PC. Powering up, PiCroft needed yet another pairing (did it). A later reboot, trashed the pairing.

Getting angry, rolled up sleives and debugged in. Found the /opt/mycroft/enclosure is owned by root now. The /opt/mycroft/skills/ now has 6 folders owned by ‘pi’ dated May 11 (and one Jun 24). Skill-pairing is owned by ‘root’ and is dated Apr 25.

Six times I have done “sudo chown -R mycroft:mycroft” the paths, set the pairing, set the woman’s voice. Tried restarts,,, apt-get * and any thing else thought up. All are good and leave piCroft working.

“sudo reboot” trashes the ownership and dates.

What is going on at boot? What should be fixed?

Problem Found; disregard above.

Answer is: the MicroSD card has gone bad (write protected).
… any/all changes to files will look like they are done successfully. On reboot the files will revert to days ago.

If after reboot, your last session commands are missing from your history (~/.bash_history is old) you have the same issue.

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Thanks @riddle for letting us know what the issue was - appreciate you updating us with the solution.
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