Removing completely Mycroft, help plz

Hey, i installed Mycroft on a Ubuntu 16.04 LTS machine following the instruction on this page, using GIT, and then running bash, and it completely crushed my system. I d like to know how to unistall it properly. (i read other topics and it seems nobody has answered this yet, i am not interested in solving anything about it, i just simply want to remove it). Thanks.

What do you mean by it crushed your system? For a git install, you can remove it and all configuration files by deleting:

  • The git folder
  • ~/.mycroft/
  • /opt/mycroft/

Let me know if this helps.

You’ll also want to remove the virtualenv that is created:

sudo rm -R ~/virtualenv/mycroft

Kind regards,

Thank you Wofgang and Kathy; this was also helpful to me - for different reasons.

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