Request: a simple guide for setting up a dev environment for the Mark II

I’ve had my mark ii for all of an afternoon and I’m already buzzing with ideas and inspiration.

I’ve cloned relevant repos and started poking around in the code, it is all very approachable and looks like it would be easy to get started hacking on my Mark II (caveat, I’m a developer).

But I’m not sure how to go about taking my local code changes and running them on my Mark II. It seems like I could simply rsync/scp my changes into /opt/mycroft-dinkum and restart the relevant services… but there has to be a better way?

To clarify, I’m specifically interested in hacking on STT plugins and skills.

How do proper Mycroft devs develop skills and plugins? What’s the best workflow?

A bonus would be instructions for how to run dinkum locally on my linux desktop so I could hack with my local speakers/mic.


General development set up: Documentation - Mycroft AI

Mark 2: Mycroft Mark II - Mycroft Mark II

That is as far as I went.

Ah yea, I saw that too. I’ve setup mycroft-core locally and its working, however I specifically meant mycroft-dinkum, it seems there’s no documentation for it yet.


Yes I’m looking for this too. I

followed the Mark 2 documentation as far as getting the hello world skill running on my Mark 2.

I can’t figure out where to go next to go a bit further. How do I get started?

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