ReSpeaker 4-Mic Array HAT Mycroft A.I. Skill



does Mycroft/Picroft support the 2-Mics-PiHat out of the box? Or is there another setup i don’t know yet…
Or does the 4-Mic-Skill works also with 2 Mics?

Cheers and thanx


@mtwannabe No updates from my side. Just to busy with all other crap in life :wink:

The microphone itself works perfectly though. Just follow the wiki of seeed and you should be good to go. I believe all mic array RPi board use the same driver, so should all work.


@suisat Do you have time to checkout the latest version of this skill?

Did some changes that I tried to test, but when loading the skill my whole RPI stalled ?!? Thought I did something wrong, but considering that I suspect my RPI is hardware failing on me (Wifi troubles as described in my MycroftOS thread) and the wifi is a SDIO system as well. Perhaps the stalling is related to that same hardware failing crap.

Just checkout the new version to check. Please be aware that the; “sudo usermod -g gpio pi” command is not integrated yet. So please add your user running mycroft to that group and don’t forget to enable GPIO within the confix.txt fro your device.

Could you give it a go and report back?

(Or anyone else for that matter if they have the respeaker


Nice! I will check that later and give you a report.


I got the Array itself running on the RP4 without any problems, but after installing the skill I only get this error. :-/

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/home/pi/mycroft-core/mycroft/skills/mycroft_skill/", line 66, in wrapper
  File "/opt/mycroft/skills/respeaker-4mic-hat-skill.j1nx/", line 76, in handle_listener_started
    pixel_ring.set_color_palette(self.main_blue, self.main_blue)
AttributeError: 'PixelRing' object has no attribute 'set_color_palette'
 16:27:08.565 | INFO     |   732 | AlarmSkill | on ended...


Right, that was stupid of me. One thing at the time.

Commented out the led color change and pushed the update to Github.

Could you try it again?


Thanks, the errors are gone and when booting the LEDs are blinking once… at least :wink:
Furthermore I dont recognize anything, but unsure where the error is hiding…
What should/can I do from here? is there a “manual” regarding any commands? I can enable and disable it without any further effects. Logs keep quite empty. :-/