[Security] Parental Controls

Skill name: something-meaningful-skill

User story:

We need to have parental controls, which would tailor each of Mycroft’s responses, based on who is asking a question (adult/kid). The tailoring would not be transparent to user (he/she need not be aware of it).

Child monitoring should be an option, that can be enabled/disabled.

What third party services, data sets or platforms will the Skill interact with?

Are there similar Mycroft Skills already? No

See https://github.com/MycroftAI/mycroft-skills for a list. If so, how could they be combined?

What will the user Speak to trigger the Skill?

{Enable/Disable Parental Lock} {Passphrase/Password}

What phrases will Mycroft Speak?

Parental Controls {Enabled/Disabled}

What Skill Settings will this Skill need to store?

Identification the adult (intially via passphrase) and tonality.

Other comments?
A couple of ideas were originally brought up @s0f1xIT, at What "Skills" Will You Make for Mycroft?. Thanks!