Self-hosted Selene backend and GUI

Hi. I am trying to deploy Mycroft Selene self-hosted for a research project. I know there have been some posts asking how to do this but they all point to alternatives. What I am trying to do is actually deploy the official Selene Backend + GUI.
So far I have managed to build, install, configure and run everything, but am having problems when accessing the GUI, mostly because it is configured for Mycroft offiicial URLs and the Github readme doesn’t mention how to (or that you need to) change them. I imagine I need to change all the environment.ts files of all projects in Selene-UI angular source before building, but I would like a confirmation or some hint if I need to change anything else - for instance, I don’t know which of the URLs in those .ts files are suppossed to be replaced with my GUI website URLS or the Backend API ones.
If anyone has gone through this it would be great to get some advice - or consider it a lost cause.
As a side note: Prebuilt packages, or even better, Docker images, would be great (I know there are some but they are for Mycroft’s own CI/CD)