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Self-Managed Stream Player

As a “hello world” skill I created a Stream Player skill that is a different take on the Internet Radio skill and uses some ideas from the NPR News skill threads and the Dutch-Radio skill.

The Stream Player streams selections from a list of stations maintained in the user’s “Stream Player” skill configuration settings (

If it works inside the Mycroft environment, this method could also be used to “open up” the list of choices for the Latest News skill.

Users can also give permission for their stream list to be searched by other users. Not sure how that could happen within Mycroft, but it could be the basis for a larger curated list of streams at some point in the future.

git clone

To use, say “stream WAMC” or “stop streaming” or “cancel streaming”. To add your own streams, add them in your skill configuration settings.

If all works correctly, after you fill the available stream fields with your preferred streams, the software will add another empty field for your use.

Hopefully this is food for thought as all these stream players converge!