Setting global variables

How do you and where do you declare a global variable ?

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I split this out into a new thread as it seemed like its own question.

In Python you can declare a global variable using the global keyword. However if you are just wanting to use a variable throughout your Mycroft Skill it is best to declare an instance variable. You can see an example in the Hello World Skill where we have:

self.learning = True

self here refers to our instance of the MycroftSkill class so we can then access that variable anywhere in the HelloWorldSkill

Is that what you were meaning?

thank you
i figured out that I can use the Skills settings feature to do what i needed.
I needed to have persistence across skill invocation and by using skills.settings I was able to accomplish that.
(e.g.) I wrote a simple password setting skill. But I wanted to see if the password had already been sit and if so, wanted to have a different dialog.
thank you

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