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Setting up MaryTTS (with an open Server) in another lanuage

Hey guys,

as I reached my 10 000 characters limit at IBM’s Watson I wanna change my TTS - to MaryTTS. I do not want to install an own server but use an open one.

I got that far that Mycroft speaks to me in German but pronounces the German words with a strong English accent. I set it up like this:

  "max_allowed_core_version": 20.2,
  "listener": {
    "device_name": "USB Camera-B4.09.24.1: Audio",
    "wake_word": "hey jarvis"
  "hotwords": {
    "hey jarvis": {
      "module": "pocketsphinx",
      "phonemes": "HH EY . JH AA R V AH S",
      "lang": "en-us",
      "threshold": 1e-25
  "lang": "de-de",

 "tts": {
    "marytts": {
      "url": "",
        "lang": "de-de",   
        "voice": "dfki-pavoque-styles"
    "module": "marytts"

  "confirm_listening": true

So where is the mistake? I could not find any instructions how to use MaryTTS with a RPi4 so just did what I thought could make sense. Apparently not quite?

Best regards